Premium beverages – Made in Italy

Our current range of products consists of 3 tonic water and 1 classic bitter aperitivo without alcohol, all natural, no compromises!

Our Drinks

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  • Indian Tonic, 200ml

    This elegant Indian tonic has a flawless and subtle citric tone, which merges perfectly with the sweetness of organic Mexican raw agave giving it a delicate texture to fit the likings of premium spirit lovers.

  • Bergamot Tonic, 200ml

    This delicate and aromatic tonic captivates the essence of Italian bergamot, with subtle notes of grapefruit and sweetened with Mexican raw agave.

  • Blueberry Tonic, 200ml

    A subtle blueberry taste perfectly complemented by our raw agave, giving this signature tonic a delicate texture. An exquisite fruity twist on a classic!

Our tonics define the standard of your Gin & Tonic.
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  • Bitter XXVI, 200ml

    A balanced bitter with 26 essential herbs blended with our Mexican raw agave. A classic and aromatic aperitivo defining the elegance of italian style. This can be consumed both on the rocks as well as mixed.

A perfect blend

The delicious blend of art and passion –
we have selected only the finest ingredients.

Italian quality –
zero compromise


Indian Tonic

Bergamot Tonic

Blueberry Tonic

Bitter XXVI

We have chosen extracts obtained from fruits, vegetables, roots and herbs for our beverages.

The result are premium Italian products.

Our beverages are a perfect blend of art and passion, made possible by our skilled Italian aromatiere (flavorist). Through extraction of selected ingredients, we create state of the art products, maintaining a low sugar level by using only the best organic raw agave Mexico has to offer. Obviously, with zero artificial and intraceable substances!

About GEMELLii

How it all began
We wanted something we couldn't find

GEMELLii – the Italian word for twins with two "i"s explains in one word the origin of this startup: German born / Italian twin brothers and the swedish spouse of one of them; creating premium Italian beverages, with 200% passion and reliability.

"As lovers of gin, we were searching for the perfect complement that was up to our standards. We challenged ourselves to find the best tonic water available and were disappointed with what was out there. Most of the tonic water couldn't be drank on their own.

In order to stay true to our principles, the next logic thing for us to do was to create qualitative beverages without too much sugar, sweeteners, preservatives and chemical quinine."

We didn't just want to create a Premium Mixer -

...but a superior beverage that could be enjoyed on its own.

Our wish to create natural beverages grew stronger - using high quality water from the mountains in Piemonte in Italy (yes, there are differences, just research the residues of table waters) and qualitative ingredients in order to create premium beverages. 


The Italian way of life

Italians are known for their culinary skills – it shouldn’t only taste good, appearance is also key! This reflects on the Italian way of life. La dolce vita & "fare la bella figura" so to say. Enjoy life and make a good impression.

Therefore, GEMELLii doesn’t stop at 100% natural ingredients: with a personalized and stylish bottle, we represent Italy to the fullest.

That being said we recommend our beverages to be drank both on their own as well as with carefully chosen premium spirits. But please, keep in mind to ...

mix it wisely!